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Janell J. Bartzatt

BirthWorks Birth Educator, BWI (CBE)
Birth & Bereavement Doula, SBD
Golden Heart Birthing Services
Serving Orange County

Phone: (402) 321-6514

About Janell:

Janell Bartzatt is a birth and bereavement doula as well as a childbirth facilitator/educator with BirthWorks International. Her passion is supporting families during their birth passage.  Janell is passionate and honored to be a birth-space saving warrior.  She has been a birth doula for over 7 years and enjoys every minute of being called at 2 a.m. for a mom asking for some emotional and physical support during her birth. 

She brings calmness, quiet and peacefulness when supporting families, but she has been known to get mommas moving and grooving during their birth time.  She knows that love is the foundational building block in life and truly supports each family in this space.  Janell is truly honored to be a part of each family’s birth journey as it is such a small window of time for a lifetime of adventure.