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Pam Pessolano

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist

Phone: (714) 308-1267
E-mail: pam@coreessencewellness.com

About Pam:

A whole family wellness massage therapist, Pam Pessolano began her holistic training when serious illness struck two of her pets. Pam quickly realized her passion for therapeutic care and went beyond her furry friends by expanding her services to include whole family Wellness.

Pam has extensive training in various holistic modalities and for two years participated in Hoag Hospital’s Reiki circle for cancer patients. As a certified massage therapist, Pam is able to seamlessly combine her holistic training with bodywork to effectively harmonize the physical body with therapeutic revitalization.

Pam is truly humbled and grateful for the daily opportunities she is given to provide high-quality care that focuses on corrective treatment for whole body wellness.